Subject: Re: Install program on Duos
To: None <>
From: Kent C. Ritchie <>
List: macbsd-general
Date: 06/24/1994 09:46:40
>Does your Duo have an FPU?  If not, Installer, MKFS and Booter
>won't run.  The kernel won't run witout an FPU either, but you
>might be able to run the Installer with SoftFPU.

Ken is absolutely right.  I was able to get the Installer and MKFS programs
to run under SoftwareFPU on my Duo 210 - through my Newer Tech SCSI dock to
an 88MB Syquest no less.  There are non-FPU versions of the booter
somewhere and they work, in the sense that they get you farther than using
the FPU booter.  If I recall correctly, my screen filled with grey bars
leaving just a 1/8" inch of screen before hanging with the non-FPU booter.
I think the FPU booter hung before the grey bars even appeared (using
SoftFPU of course)...

Anyway, what I was wondering was... wasn't there supposedly a FPUless
kernel at some point?  I found one that was labaled as such at one of the
foreign "mirror" sites which seem to look nothing alike as the name
"mirror" might suggest :)  I think it was in Germany.  Anyway, I tried that
kernel as well as the Beta-0 kernel, and we all know that I didn't get any
farther than grey bars.  I guess the kernel labeled FPUless was either
still in development and didn't work, or mislabeled.

I think it was Brad that pointed out the real problem with the Powerbooks
is going to be the ADB.  I can't remember the exact details... maybe he can
fill them in sometime.

Kent C. Ritchie                     
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