Subject: Re: newbie question about booting
To: None <,>
From: James Hill <jamesh@>
List: macbsd-general
Date: 06/22/1994 06:13:00
In message <> Allen Briggs 
> > > Now that I have installed the Beta-2 files, how do I get MacBSD to boot 
> > > in 
> > > read/write mode instead of read only? Multi-user mode can't do it's 
> > > config thing
> > > because the drive is set to read only!
> > 
> > 	Where are the beta-2 files?  I thought only beta-1 had been released.
> > 	I tried looking on
> I think he was referring to the 2nd BETA release.  I guess it's
> confusing to have started numbering at 0 ;-)
> -allen

You are right again, Allen, sorry if I caused any confusion out there.

And thank you so much for this incredibly helpful advice, Jeffrey Whitehead 

mount -u /

will mount the FS read/write.


I have rtfm's the "manual" such as it is - all SEVEN pages of it - big flood of 
information THERE. There are indeed instructions in the FAQ about the mount 
command. That is just peachy if the damn thing boots up right in the first 
place. My system however BOOTS in read only which means the config that runs 
after the initial install (sets up the SCSI drives) can run and because the 
/etc/fstab can't be written to disk, then mount doesn't work (returns a 
segmentation fault after not finding /etc/fstab). The system is BOOTING in read 
only so mount doesnt do me any good. How do I get it to BOOT in read/write? 


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