Subject: Re: On the topic of kernel JPEG support...
To: David Leonard <>
From: Allen Briggs <>
List: macbsd-general
Date: 06/21/1994 11:36:30
> > system, is that it's well designed.  So yes, if i were you, i _would_
> > rip out the desktop thang from the console code before the release!
> Can't it be #ifdef'd out? then ppl who dont have the ram to drive X can
> have all the funky mouse stuff and scrolly things and have thier kernel
> chew a bit of mem, while ppl who just want a graphics buffer can have the
> cut down vt emulation.

The desktop thing is actually more basic that cgd seems to realize here.
Sitting in a verrry boring STAT class this morning, it occurred to me
that the word "desktop" collides with the "desktop" metaphor of the
MacOS.  The desktop code in this case is simply a driver/structure that
handles the mouse/keyboard/display binding.  Separating the mouse and
keyboard is not really basic since they coexist on a bus and, in fact,
the mice may emulate a keyboard for multiple button support.  (Joy...)

The "desktop" was what we called the whole system, probably after the
Apple *Desktop* Bus.  It can be likened to the scsi driver where there
is one overall driver which manages the other drivers.  In this case,
there is a tighter coupling between the mice/keyboard and the manager.
This can be separated out more easily than scrapping the whole idea...

> Any functional addition (even if useful but unecessary) is a plus, you have
> to admit.

Not necessarily.  "Creeping featuritis" is evil.

> >From what I've seen which isn't as yet a whole lot (exams and stuff here
> in Oz) I think you are all doing a damn fine job. Still, your intra-team
> comms is really only up to you to figure out and organise.

This is a problem area, granted, but I am an optimist and believe that
dissent is healthy as long as everyone is open to reason...


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