Subject: Re: On the topline menu
To: Allen Briggs <>
From: Chris G. Demetriou <>
List: macbsd-general
Date: 06/20/1994 12:52:39
> > However, when it drops to console mode, its back to 'ed' because it 
> > doesn't drive the console sufficiently for vi, emacs, etc.  This is, 
> > in my opinion, really slack.  
> I fully agree with this...  I tried to use a DECstation's console
> briefly.  I've also found NetBSD 0.9's default console to be lacking
> somewhat...  resize(1), for example, throws it for a loop.  I think
> that a good VT102 emulator is dandy.  It's highly useful with just
> about any system you login to.

the NetBSD/i386 console IS NOT a vt100 or xterm emulation.  you should
use 'pc3' and _ONLY_ pc3 as your TERM variable.  it'd be like
trying to use TERM=vt200 on a vt100 -- it'd blow chunks all
over the place.  I agree that pc3 isn't the best emulation,
but you sure can run vi and emacs on it!  (note that the pc3
emulation can be replaced by using pcvt, which is in the NetBSD/i386
kernel tree...  What'd really be a big win is if the "generic vt200"
code was stripped out, and made machine independent, so that
everybody could have a vt200 interface for console...  "not this week.")

> > I have seen some pretty neat HP console
> > drivers that managed to map function button labels onto the bottom of the
> > screen, even in console mode.  I don't see that this is any different.
> I don't think that this, or the PMAX, or probably the suns have a built-in
> 80x24 (or any other) character generator.  In fact,

on the suns, you _can_ call the PROM, and have it do character output
for you.  that's hell-of-slow, though.  I'm pretty sure it's
larger than 80x24, too...