Subject: Re: On the topline menu
To: Michael Finch <>
From: David C. Doherty <>
List: macbsd-general
Date: 06/20/1994 08:27:37
Michael Finch wrote:
>Chris G. Demetriou wrote:
>EXACTLY!  MacOS is simply the best way to boot MacBSD, that's it.
>I personaly hate the idea of a menu bar.  I agree with cgd 100%
>here.  Next, will we put Display Postscript processing in the menu
>bar? Perhaps, there should be a menu that says "Emulation" and you
>can select MacOS 6.5.1, MacOs, or PowerPC 603.  This
>stuff will be stuck in the kernel sucking up ram that could be
>beter used by my xtank game.
>Besides, everyone knows user interfaces are for people who can't
>extract a simple uuencoded, compressed, gziped tar file in one line
>using and many processes as possible.
>cat foobar | more | uudecode | zcat | gzip -cd | tar -xf -
>> But DON'T put put menus in the kernel...

All this hubris against User Interfaces comes from a group 
of people who have just one discernible (to me) thing in commmon:
they all own and use .....  Macintoshes.


David C. Doherty
Minnesota Supercomputer Center, Inc.