Subject: Re: button downs
To: Nicholas Mitchell <>
From: Allen Briggs <>
List: macbsd-general
Date: 06/19/1994 00:00:09
> do you guys have a plan as far as supporting
> 3-button mice? as far as I know, there are
> only 2 options for 3 button MICE(logitech, mouse systems or something)
> and several for "3 button" trackballs
> (in quotes because usually the middle button is very awkward)
> such as logitech and mouse systems, plus various cheesy ones
> (microtrac trackball for example)

I have a (actually 2) "Advanced Gravis" 3-button mice.  Basically,
they're Logitech 3-button bus mice with a control unit that interfaces
the PS/2 bus to ADB.  The second and third buttons are configurable,
but default to be the left and right arrow keys.  For A/UX X Windows
compatibility, they give you left and right arrow keys, modified by
the option key.  It works...

> there are also several new 2 button mice, which
> seem like a waste for X...

They are for me--at least on PCs (which is where I've used them.
I despise 'em.


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