Subject: Re: June 16th MacBSD Update from Brad and Lawrence
To: Sharad Thacore <>
From: Allen Briggs <>
List: macbsd-general
Date: 06/18/1994 22:42:48
> 2. Would it be useful to have a split-screen display to display one
> virtual terminal on the top half (or whatever) and another on the
> bottom?
> 	Yes.  Sometimes, this would be useful.  Will this virtual terminal
> 	be useable under X?  ie: instead of firing up say xterm, could we
> 	fire up a terminal which is like you VT? 

Is this just for editing?  The "new" vi has split-screen capabilites as
does, of course, emacs.  How would this functionality differ from these,
or from two xterms under X (discounting overhead for X ;-)

> 	In the last row, where you display the cpu load and number of jobs,
> 	would it be possible to give some info on the amount of free ram?

That sounds kinda useful...  Maybe a core/swap monitor?  Updated every
second or something?  Would an X program do just as well?

Just a pessimist,

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