Subject: Re: MacBSD ftp mirror down
To: Manuel Eduardo Correia <>
From: Steve Rich <>
List: macbsd-general
Date: 06/09/1994 15:12:00
In message <>you write:
>	The only reason I see for this law is just to keep stupid
>Americans happy with the tax dollars that are being spend in this

Yes, there are stupid Americans, just like there are stupid people in
most countries (as can be seen from some of these postings).  There
are few in this particular county who are happy with the export

>   Oh Yeahh !! And the CIA is doing the same thing in Japan !!!
>Stealing industrial secrets for the American Auto Industry... What a
>country !!!

Like we would need CIA to inform us of how screwed up our auto
industry is...

>	The only thing you get with this obtuse politic is to make a
>lot of ignorant people happy with a false sense of security and
>really cripple yours software companies. If I can buy an European Unix
>system with all the encryption algorithms in place why bother with the
>American's 8-)...

Maybe the Fed gets some sense of security from it.  The rest of us
live in the real world.