Subject: Re: MacBSD ftp mirror down
To: None <>
From: kr <>
List: macbsd-general
Date: 06/07/1994 17:15:30
At 11:15 6/6/94 +0200, Laurent Demailly wrote:
> Hello folks,
>I got queried by my responsible to stop providing MacBSD mirror here
>on because of the US export
>embroglio... So i regret i had removed all the files 'cept the one in
>docs/... I hope one day there will be exportable MacBSD release or end
>of these stupid rules...
>Laurent Demailly - finger for PGP key

These stupid laws are really messed up. I am sorry to hear that.
But I am curious as to how your "responsible" found out about this, and why
he is so concerned with keeping the site so squeaky clean. Does he
regularly monitor the contents for "dangerous" stuff, or might it have been
that he was informed by some US agency to put some pressure on ? I wonder
if the NSA actually does monitor all the traffic that goes over the US
border. Does anybody know more ? If the NSA does not monitor exhaustively,
there would be no way whatsoever to enforce the stupid software export
laws, and it would be just one big farce. However, if the NSA does monitor
exhaustively (and would see this message here), it would be rather scary to
see in what colorful ways tax dollars are being wasted.

Markus Krummenacker