Subject: Re: MacBSD ftp mirror down
To: Laurent Demailly <>
From: Charles Ewen MacMillan <>
List: macbsd-general
Date: 06/06/1994 06:57:34
On Mon, 6 Jun 1994, Laurent Demailly wrote:

> Date: Mon, 6 Jun 1994 11:15:04 +0200
> From: Laurent Demailly <>
> To:
> Subject: MacBSD ftp mirror down
>  Hello folks, 
> I got queried by my responsible to stop providing MacBSD mirror here
> on because of the US export
> embroglio... So i regret i had removed all the files 'cept the one in
> docs/... I hope one day there will be exportable MacBSD release or end
> of these stupid rules...

 Hmm, well the export laws are only to prevent dangerous munitions from 
leaving the country.

 We don't want all of Europe having crypt() now do we :-)

 Is anyone working on an exportable lib?

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