Subject: IIci, going once...
To: Lawrence Kesteloot <>
From: Scott Kaplan <>
List: macbsd-general
Date: 06/03/1994 15:49:52
> on a IIvx, so I assume that we won't have any split-memory problems.  If
> we do, then it'll be a great time to fix that problem also so that the IIci
> and IIsi's will work.
> So here's my answer: three weeks if we get the loan, unknown if we don't.
> (If anyone else out there can lend us their IIvx, ci, si, or whatever for
> a few weeks, please let us know soon.)
> Lawrence

Well, I posted such an offer before, but didn't hear back from anyone from
the MacBSD development group.  I have a IIci with 8 megs of RAM (in the form
of 8 1-Meg SIMMs), a Toby FrameBuffer video card, and a 170 meg drive.  I can
make paying for shipping my donation to MacBSD.  The only restriction on this
is that whenever I lend it out, I will need it back by August 8th (or there-

So, if there is a time this summer before mid-August where you want a IIci to
fix the split memory problem (and whatever else), let me know.  And while I'm
at it, if you *don't* want the machine, also let me know.  I thought it a bit
odd that I received no replies last time at all, and didn't know what to make
of it...

Scott Kaplan