Subject: Re: will there be
To: Lord Phoenix <>
From: Allen Briggs <>
List: macbsd-general
Date: 05/31/1994 21:11:58
> I don't supose that you would be willing to share and approximate time of
> release for a 68040 version of MacBSD?

I would if I knew it.  Right now I'm fighting with the booter.  It's not
getting the kernel loaded.  In fact, it's acting on my Q700 like some
people are reporting on IIx's and IIvx's...  That is, it's acting up.

> especially a version for the Quadra 840AV?

Heh...  No clue...  I plan to get the Q700 working asap (esp. as I sold
my SE/30 and MacBSD is timesharing a mac II, now)...  Other '040 ports
will have to be based off of that.

> What about a PowerPC version soon?

Some people have talked about this.  I'm too busy with the m68k version
to think about that.  Keep in mind that the PowerPC is a *completely*
different beast.


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