Subject: I'll give up my IIvx!
To: Lawrence Kesteloot <>
From: Peter Siebold <>
List: macbsd-general
Date: 05/31/1994 15:13:23
> I've seen several requests on this list for a IIvx port.  As far as
> we know, the only thing standing in our way of a vx port is the different
> ADB system on it (which is the same as that of the IIsi).  We've got
> code for the IIvx, but we have no way of testing it.  If someone in the
> Bay area would like to lend us their machine for a few days, we could
> probably get that working.  (The IIvx's ADB system is, from what we can
> tell, much easier to program than the II's.)

I could part with my IIvx next wednesday June 8 for about two weeks.  
Would that be enough time to get the IIvx adb working?  What about 
internal video on the IIvx?  Does the new consol code work with internal 
video?  The only problem with giving up my IIvx for two weeks is getting 
it to the bay area.  I live in San Luis, and would have to ship it up 
there.  I'm kinda broke right now, but if you other IIvx guys out there 
would like to pitch in, I will send it right off.  I'm sure that it would 
only cost about 15 -20 $ to ship,(money that I don't have).

Lawrence, let me know if that would help you guys.

Peter Siebold