Subject: Minor update and request
To: None <>
From: Lawrence Kesteloot <>
List: macbsd-general
Date: 05/31/1994 13:47:31
As a minor update, Brad got his new ADB code to work fairly well on
the Mac II-type machines (II, ci, SE/30, cx), which means that we'll
start work on porting X soon.  I've re-written the console code and
we're in the process of debugging that.  The new ADB code supports
multiple ADB devices, device renumbering (soon), mice, extended
keyboards/mice, and of course the power mitten.  The new console code
supports multiple monitors, better scroll-back, enhanced VT-102
emulation, and it's just cleaner in general.  (And it supports a
mode for X.)

I've seen several requests on this list for a IIvx port.  As far as
we know, the only thing standing in our way of a vx port is the different
ADB system on it (which is the same as that of the IIsi).  We've got
code for the IIvx, but we have no way of testing it.  If someone in the
Bay area would like to lend us their machine for a few days, we could
probably get that working.  (The IIvx's ADB system is, from what we can
tell, much easier to program than the II's.)  The IIsi still won't work
because of the split-memory problem, and we will gladly welcome a IIsi
sometime later this summer.  (Or even a IIci.)

Please let me know if you can spare your machine for a few days.