Subject: fail to mount root
To: None <>
From: Joseph So <>
List: macbsd-general
Date: 05/19/1994 18:50:35

I am new at this. I was trying to boot NetBSD/Mac and got the following

audio at mainbus0 not configured
floppy at mainbus0 not configured
A: Root 'A/UX Root' at 2400096 size 615606
B: Swap 'Swap' at 3015702 size 184394
panic: cannot mount root
Kernel trap: calling Kdb - trap (15,&frame)
Stopped at 0x20000005

This is after the horizontal grey bars have filled the screen.

Some background:
I have a MacII with 8 meg of ram, an 40 mg Apple internal
(quantum) and a 1.8 gig external quantum. There is also a PMMU
inside. The external HD was formatted using disk manager mac 2.30a
with a few Mac partitions, an A/UX swap partition and an A/UX
Root&Usr partition. Mkfs was run and all the tarfiles from the 
tar_file directory in cray-ymp.acm...  are installed. 

Thanks for any input as to what goes wrong.

Joseph So
Mathematics, U of Alberta
Edmonton, Alberta