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Date: 05/12/1994 16:28:01
Date: Thu, 12 May 1994 16:25:01 -0800
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       "Re: MacBSD in Australia?  (Can't export encryption binaries.)" (May 12,  6:24am)
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Subject: Re: MacBSD in Australia?  (Can't export encryption binaries.)

Here is a hint on how to get encryption source code *OUTSIDE* the U.S.:
text excerpted from:
  "This is the Info-ZIP file ``Where,'' last updated on 14 January 1993."

ftp sites for the encryption and decryption sources and/or executables:

   NOTE 1:  Non-US users, please do NOT ftp from the US sites (US
   regulations and all that).  Likewise, US users, please do not
   ftp from the European sites (it's not illegal, but it sure is
   a waste of expensive bandwidth).

   NOTE 2:  Some sites may carry both encryption and non-encryption
   executables with slightly different names; for example,
   instead of ("c" == crypt version).

   From the US:

   Outside the US:
         (mail server at
   To get the encryption source by e-mail, send the following commands

      get /pub/utils/archiver/

Hope this helps some!
... --QAA06796.768785117/balrog-- /jim spath <cp1!ganza!jes@cs.UMD.EDU>