Subject: Re: MacBSD in Australia?
To: None <>
From: Peter Yandell <>
List: macbsd-general
Date: 05/12/1994 23:14:10
Might I suggest you look to the 386 NetBSD port for inspiration as
far as encryption binaries goes:

They have (as far as I can make out) a base system installation and
then a security package which is installed seperately with all the
DES code in it.

I'm not sure exactly what needs to be changed to take out encryption,
but I have a couple of friends who can tell me _exactly_ what needs
to be done.  I'll check up on this and post something.  The other
thing (which I think might have been mentioned) is that I'm pretty
sure that no changes need to be made to the kernel, so it should
just be a matter of playing with libcrypt and recompiling things
that use it.

Can Allen or anyone give me any sort of concrete idea of when, if
it all, this is likely to be done or even where it sits on the
priority list?  Or is there anyone else out there who would be
willing to put together a basic setup?  I'm quite happy to
rebuild most of the distribution myself as long as I can get the
basics legally.



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