Subject: Re: Hey, totall newbie wonderment question..
To: Stephen L. Lange <>
From: Allen Briggs <>
List: macbsd-general
Date: 05/11/1994 14:11:26
> What I was wondering is what hopes do I have in seeing a future release of
> MacBSD that can be used on my Centris 610.  I have a double whammy here. 
> 1) Its a 68040, and 2) It has no FPU.  Talk about bad luck eh?  Well I
> have heard SoftFPU might get me by, but what plans if any are there to
> make it compatible with the 040??  

SoftFPU will not help for the actual BSD system since all it does is
patch into SANE.
There is hope for the 040 in that I have a Quadra 700, now, and plan to
get that working asap.  I am somewhat busy at work, now, and start
summer school and move soon, so BSD is at a low priority this month...  :-(

There is hope, though ;-)  I don't know when we'll have working FPU
emulator, but I do know that 610's can be upgraded to a full 040 if
that helps.

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