Subject: Hello, and questions
To: None <>
From: Michael J. Laporte <>
List: macbsd-general
Date: 05/10/1994 20:04:46

I'm starting to work on the macbsd on my home machine, I have no clue if it
will work and its not a tested machine in your list but hey what the heck.

My system, SE with a Applied Engineering(now defunct) accelerator, 16 megs ram(
got this via the accel. board) currently using a 40 meg drive to start and see
if I can just get the basic system running.  So in more raw terms, I have a 68030 16megs ram, a 40 meg drive(its the secnond on my chain).  

My problem, I used the APS formatter to make the 40meg take A/UX partitions
and then ran the Mkfs program.....all seems well so far no errors reported. 
I run the installer, and it gives me a bomb with "Bad F-Line instruction".

I do all this with the extensions off.

Any suggestions?