Subject: Mac IIx & cray-ymp down
To: None <>
From: Jeffrey Whitehead <>
List: macbsd-general
Date: 05/05/1994 03:40:42
Well, the Alpha-2 release worked fine on my IIx, and then I did a complete
reinstall of the Beta-0... It now gets past the grey bars fine, starts
to boot, and then drops into the debugger. I have all the info written
down, but I really suppose it is irrelevant as the beta-1 should be out
RSN... perhaps even now. Can't tell, as cray-ymp is down. 

Anyways, as Alpha-2 worked (and rather stable, as well, on this IIx), you
might want to update the FAQ so that it no longer says "and supposedly
the IIx" or whatever to say it supports the IIx.

Also, I don't know who is working on the X server code, but I know NetBSD
for the Amiga is excellent. As it is also a 680x0 platform, it might be
worthwhile to look into porting the Amiga team's code. 

Anyways, I can't wait until finals are over so I get a chance to tinker
with the Beta-1, though I don't particularly relish the thought of
downloading the entire distribution again... :)

Keep up the great work, 


4.4 > 5.4!