Subject: Re: installation problems on SE/30
To: Greg Ames <>
From: Allen Briggs <>
List: macbsd-general
Date: 05/04/1994 22:57:43
> I downloaded the ALPHA2 tarfiles, netbsd-012394 kernel, and booter 1.1

Hmmm.  Try the BETA-1 files (the kernel's included).

> I dug out a Quantum Q280 (~6-7 yr old, half height, 5.25", 80Meg
> drive), hooked it up at SCSI id 1, partitioned it into ~32 megs swap,
> and the rest as a root&usr partition.

This drive should be OK.

> I'm assuming the additional "ghost drives" are because my POS ancient
> drive doesn't like non-0 lun's, and gives undefined results when it
> sees them.  Does this sound reasonable?  Has anyone seen anything
> similar?  Is this the cause of my kernel panic?

Probably, although I can't say for sure.  The problem has been seen

> Do my swap & UFS partions have to be at the start of the disk?

Nope.  Just somewhere in the first 8 partitions...

> How safe are my HFS (and non-mounted UFS) partitions from getting
> nuked by a run-away kernel?  Should I back everything up to tape
> first?  (I'm running alpha code... Is this a dumb question or what?)

I've never seen it happen (Silverlining's f*cked me over, but so far,
NetBSD/Mac hasn't).  It is alpha/beta code.  'Nuff said?  ;-)

> After getting into the debugger, the keyboard locks up after typing a
> few characters.

It should be better in BETA-0.  You should also have symbols in the debugger
in BETA-0.

> Oh, also, are the update files additional to the ALPHA2 install?

I should probably nuke these guys...  Any objections?


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