Subject: MacMach, the last of it
To: None <>
From: Vuorikoski Veikko <>
List: macbsd-general
Date: 05/04/1994 17:42:29
 If anyone had any hopes about getting/using MacMach, I think you can
safely rid yourself of them. Found this digging around on

150 Opening data connection for MacMach.demise (,4165) (463 bytes).
Date:   Apr 1994
Author: Mary Thompson
CMU is no longer distributing MacMach. The people responsible for this
port have been gone from CMU for several years and so the code and
the distribution procedure have sucumbed to software rot. The distribution
always required an AT&T source license, plus there were futher restraints
specified by Apple. As a result there was no way for us to pass the
effort on to other parties.
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