Subject: Re: more BETA-0 installation problems
To: Allen Briggs <>
From: None <>
List: macbsd-general
Date: 05/04/1994 02:16:53
Allen Briggs writes:
> Look for BETA-1 files sometime early tomorrow or late tonight (relative
> to eastern US).  I don't recall the disk majors and minors changing,
> though, so I don't know why the Alpha2 dev didn't work for you...

I seem to remember getting a new MAKEDEV and redoing /dev once during
the time I had Alpha2 installed, because something changed in one of
the kernels.  I'm certain that it hosed up fstab (the scsi device
mapping changed from absolute ID numbers to sd0* = first found, sd1* =
second found, etc.), but I don't remember if the major & minor numbers
for the scsi devices changed.  I suspect they did.

All I have now is /dev from before the changes (from the original
Alpha2 distribution).  If the device numbers changed back then, that's
probably why it isn't working.

I still have the updated MAKEDEV, but the old kernels wouldn't boot so
I can't run it.  I could probably figure out why the boot is dying, but
I'd rather not waste time on making old kernels work when there's newer
stuff out there.  :-)

BTW, will there be a readme telling which tar files changed for
BETA-1?  I'd rather not download the whole distribution twice in two
weeks.  :-P

- monroe
Monroe Williams