Subject: BETA-0 problems
To: None <>
From: Scott Kaplan <>
List: macbsd-general
Date: 05/03/1994 01:31:55
Okay, I've got a IIci with 4 megs in RAM Bank A, and a NuBus video card to
drive my monitor.  I was using the Alpha2 binaries and the old IIci-specific
kernel before, and it was pretty darned good.

Well, I got the BETA-0.  As was observed, the dev.tar file didn't actually
contain devices in it, so I also grabbed a copy of dev.tar from the Alpha2
release and installed that along with everything else.  I booted up using
Booter 1.1, and as instructed, I booted in Multiuser mode.

Well, the multiuser startup kinda died part was through, as it could not
find /etc/rc.  It dumped me at a prompt.  I found a couple of files called
rc.local and rc.distribution in the /etc directory.  I wanted to look at
these, so I did a "vi" on one of them, and was told upon opening that it
was read only.  So I got out of that, and attempted to "mount -u /".  That
died when it could not find, I believe it was, /etc/fstab.

What am I missing here?  Obvious BETA-0 is working for other people, so
I messed something up on installation.  What gives?