Subject: Re: thought
To: None <>
From: Harry E Noel <>
List: macbsd-general
Date: 04/27/1994 11:04:37
> > Has any work been done on serial console support?  It would enable
> > folks with IIsi's to run MacBSD in the interim before the ADB support
> > comes out, and probably make the ADB support itself easier.
> Again, it's not just the ADB.  The current CI kernel does run on the
> SI, but it simply won't fit in the 1M hardwired RAM Bank A.  Someone is
> going to have to dig into the initial memory mapping code in locore.s
> and fix the code so it correctly maps discontiguous memory ranges as a
> flat space and account for the video memory.  Once that is done, I'm
> certain the rest of the system will arrive shortly.
> 		-Brad
> -- 
So, will it work on an si with a video card?

Also, I found a few places in macweek that have IIsi's for around $300, if there
is any chance of getting it to run on a si, it sounds like a nice setup
could be had for small amount of cash.

Also, if anyone feels they can figure out what needs to be fixed with a IIsi
I will offer the use of mine for a few weeks.

Harry Noel