Subject: Re: thought
To: David G. Paschich <>
From: Brad Grantham Featuring 24 Hour Alarm <>
List: macbsd-general
Date: 04/26/1994 20:57:53
> Has any work been done on serial console support?  It would enable
> folks with IIsi's to run MacBSD in the interim before the ADB support
> comes out, and probably make the ADB support itself easier.

Again, it's not just the ADB.  The current CI kernel does run on the
SI, but it simply won't fit in the 1M hardwired RAM Bank A.  Someone is
going to have to dig into the initial memory mapping code in locore.s
and fix the code so it correctly maps discontiguous memory ranges as a
flat space and account for the video memory.  Once that is done, I'm
certain the rest of the system will arrive shortly.

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