Subject: Re: Traffic
To: Allen Briggs <>
From: Dave Slotter <>
List: macbsd-general
Date: 04/26/1994 22:21:16
>> I have a Macintosh IIsi which runs A/UX and would like to run NetBSD/Mac on
>> it. I was wondering, since the ADB support doesn't work yet, could I boot
>> this system up on a Mac II or SE/30 (perhaps a Color Classic?), then
>> configure the serial ports for getty and log in using a terminal, or does
>> the system hang when it tries to attempt getty on the console? I'm going to
>> have a little drive space to play with and figure I could set aside a small
>> partition to toy with and play with this.
>Unfortunately, it's not just the ADB, but also the internal video and the
>memory mapping.  The IIsi has non-contiguous memory (pain in the posterior)
>which we haven't tried to deal with, yet.  I might try to do that after I
>get the '040 code going...

Actually, I have an internal video card for it. ;-) Now, whether the Lapis
card works or not is another issue, but if I understand correctly, the IIsi
memory mapping is similar enough to the IIci's that this should solve the
memory mapping problem. Of course, to make the situation more complicated,
I use a ComboCache IIsi which is a cache card similar to the IIci but has
two PDS slots on it where one is the Lapis card and the other is the
Farallon Ethernet card (register-compatible with the Apple specs). Do you
need information about this card? I remember someone asking about Ethernet
cards a while back.

Anyway, I had mentioned this in reply to your inquiry about what machines
people are running MacBSD on and I volunteered my machine which I would
like to run it on...

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