Subject: Re: binhex4 vs binhex5 vs macbinary
To: None <>
From: David Leonard - Elec470 <>
List: macbsd-general
Date: 04/26/1994 10:06:06
> to convert file.cpt.bin 0 -> file.cpt
> use binhex5 or macbinary - they are the same protocol.
> found in programs like stuffit-Delux/Lite, macbinary and binhex5
> to convert file.cpt.hqx -> file.cpt
> use binhex4
> found in programs like stuffit-Delux/Lite/expander...
> macbinary/binhex5 are binary files.  they combine the data and resource
> forks into one fork - ie like dos/unix systems.
> binhex creates text files.  converts the forks into text ie like
> uuencoding.
> does anyone here know any difference between binhex5 and macbinary... Am i
> right in assuming you can use the 2 terms interchangeably?

I wouldn't.

MacBinary (.bin) just runs the data and resource forks of a mac file together
with a bit of a header so it can extract the two forks again (and time and 
flags and name etc)

BinHex (.hqx) is essentially the same as MacBinary but is also converted to
mailable text (much like uuencode - see the man page). 

in short, .hqx (binhex) is an Ascii-transferable single-fork file, and
.bin (macbinary) is a binary-transferable single-fork file.

Check out the unix "mcvert" package from your favourite archie. It has all
sorts of interesting programs and doco.

Is anyone working on a mac fs? If they are could they try to follow the 
cap/aufs approach - it seems to be the easiest to follow, and the easiest
to map between. RO might be the way to go. Apparently the HFS is B-tree based?
and who wants to write b tree code yuck.

Can't wait till it get past 4 gray bars on my IIsi!

David Leonard                
The University Of Newcastle            3rd year Computer (Eng|Sci) student