Subject: Re: binhex4 vs binhex5 vs macbinary
To: Keenan Brock <>
From: Kenneth Knight <>
List: macbsd-general
Date: 04/25/1994 20:40:49
>to convert file.cpt.bin 0 -> file.cpt
>use binhex5 or macbinary - they are the same protocol.
>found in programs like stuffit-Delux/Lite, macbinary and binhex5

No, BinHex and MacBinary are not the same. BinHex4 is much like uuencoding
in that it converts a binary file to PRINTABLE ASCII. BinHex 4 uses. 
BinHex5 uses an extened ASCII set (4 just uses 6 bits of data) and was
meant for mostly Mac-to-Mac transfers. It isn't used much.

MacBinary takes the binary data of the 2 forks (data, resource) and simply
concatenates them together along with the appropriate header info. By its
nature it creates smaller files than BinHex (on average about a third

  ** Ken **