Subject: Re: kermit make
To: Jay W Kianos <>
From: David C. Doherty <>
List: macbsd-general
Date: 04/25/1994 09:03:05
At  1:37 PM 4/22/94 -0400, Jay W Kianos wrote:
>        I have just downloaded kermit to my mac and am having problems
>with the makefile.  I am using make -bsd and it keeps giving me 
>Missing dependancy operator.  I have never used make and am very lost.
>What can I do to fix this.
>        Also, if anyone else has compiled kermit for MacBSD, am I using the
>correct make arguments?


make bsd44


make bsd44c

(the latter uses curses to indicate the progress of file transfers)

I used the latter, and had no problems with the build.

Dave Doherty

David C. Doherty
Minnesota Supercomputer Center, Inc.