Subject: Are you all there or just a figment of my imagination
To: MacBSD General <>
From: None <>
List: macbsd-general
Date: 04/22/1994 09:45:25
Thanks go to	Lawrence Kesteloot <>,
		Allen Briggs <>,
		Kevin Wilson <>,
		Juergen Nickelsen <>,
		Richard Wackerbarth <>,
		Brad Grantham <>

for letting me know that I fell off.  The really weird part about all this is
that when I asked major-domo, it told me that I was subscribed to
macbsd-development but not to macbsd-general and yet I hadn't seen any
development messages either...

I tried unsubscribing then resubscribing to see what would happen.  I am still
not sure whether messages are getting through although I did get both copies
from Allen Briggs (i.e. the one to me and the one to macbsd-general) so I guess
at least macbsd-general is working again.

Thanx again guys...