Subject: Re: How to setup a PPP link...
To: Allen Briggs <>
From: John D. Smerdon <>
List: macbsd-general
Date: 04/20/1994 12:36:12
>> In your Makefile, add "if_ppp.c" and "if_ppp.o" in all of the same places
>> that "if_loop.c" and "if_loop.c" are found.
>I might suggest that you change the GENERIC configuration file and do
>" GENERIC" to rebuild the Makefile for you ;-)

I have never had any luck with the Makefile that was generated.  I have
always had linking errors.  I then copy sample.Makefile as Makefile, make
again, and then I get a good kernel.  Where is the sample.Makefile supposed
to be so that it is used by the

>How does the ppp work?  Well?  I haven't tried it...

I am using MacPPP to connect to my NetBSD system.  It works pretty good!

When I had slip attached to ser0 in my rc.local, the system would always
crash with a vm_fault when a ps was entered.  Not that ps worked, but
entering it was just habit.  I am still looking into the vm_fault.

I have a script that is started from rc.local that runs pppd on ser1
continuously.  When I shutdown the MacOS Mac, the PPP link is broken and
pppd restarts on the NetBSD Mac.  Previously when using SLIP, I had to
reboot the NetBSD Mac so the SLIP line would be ready the next time I tried
to attach.

I have picked up the ps sources and compiled it.  Same error.  Does anyone
know what changed?  The error message is not in any of the ps sources.
Maybe it's in the kvm (?) library.

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