Subject: Re: emacs
To: Rod Morehead <>
From: Bharat S. Jhaveri <bjhaveri@Arco.COM>
List: macbsd-general
Date: 04/18/1994 08:30:54
>Well, last night I redownloaded and rebuilt emacs 19.22. What follows are
>my notes from the sucessfult attempt.
>        1. Extracted tar archive.
>        2. Did  a configure using m68k-hp-netbsd.
>        3. Had to change 
>                extern char *sys_errlist[]
>           to 
>                extern const char *const sys_errlist[]
>           the in the following files:
>                lib-src/timer.c
>                lib-src/emacsclient.c
>                src/sysdep.c
>                src/process.c
>        4. Removed Control 'L's from src/Makefile (^L). The
>           bsd make did not like them.
>        5. In file src/process.c had to change first argument to wait3
>           to an int*. Made int named tmp. The was aprox. at line 2720.
>        6. Edited Makefile to add -static option to link step. The avoids
>           the dynamic error. I added on the -nostdlib line toward the top 
>           of the Makefile.
>That was all. It seems to work ok. Let me know if the does not work for you.
>Rod Morehead

 I very much appreciate your efforts in rebuilding emacs and and sending me
this information. I will try to build it on my IIci tonight. I will let you
know how it goes. I am quite hopeful that it will work this time.

 Thnaks again.
Bharat S. Jhaveri