Subject: Re: Building GENERIC Kernel
To: None <>
From: Kevin Wilson 315-456-1404 <>
List: macbsd-general
Date: 04/17/1994 17:54:20
Allen, and all
> >   As you may have guessed, the system hangs when rebooting.
> Try booting with the latest booter (1.1).
> BTW, with libkern.a, I think the latest /usr/share/mk should do the
> trick.  But you said you got that...  Hmmm...  How 'bout the latest
> make?
> -allen
Thanks, I have gotten GENERIC to compile and boot.  The key seemed to be
using sample.makefile in place of the one in the distrabution.

I am still having problems with the location of libkern.a.  I'll look into
that more as time permits.

Is there a recogmended source for the non-kernel/non-memory resident parts of
BSD?  And if so how tricky is it to rebuild functions such as `ps`, which
broke with the new kernel?

PS. Can anyone tell me what the serial controller chip is in the macIIx so
I don't have to take mine all apart to find out?

Thanks, Kevin