Subject: Re: SCSI and emacs problems
To: Scott Kaplan <>
From: Allen Briggs <>
List: macbsd-general
Date: 04/16/1994 18:59:46
> The problem seems to be when it searches with "targ 2", where it runs from
> 1 to 9 with the second number, each time finding my drive at SCSI ID 2, which
> is the drive I'm using for MacBSD.  Can anyone diagnose this problem?

All I can say is that it should be fixed by now...  We have seen this
problem before.  What kernel are you running?  Do more
recent kernels boot?  (like the Jan 24 kernel?)

> in on that line.  Wierd, eh?
> What's worse is, in moving around the screen, and while changing anything,
> the updates are much less than perfect.  The text ends up getting all
> jumbled within each line, making emacs mostly unusable.

*sigh*  It's the console output.  Patience...  It will be/has been
fixed.  I haven't seen it, yet, but it should be much improved soon.
vi works for the most part, but emacs does more bizarre things...

> I don't know what's broken here, but is there any kind of temporary fix I
> can use so I can actually put emacs to work?  Has anyone else had this
> kind of problem?

If you use a serial terminal, it should be OK on the terminal.  Other
than that, refresh the screen often...


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