Subject: SCSI and emacs problems
To: None <>
From: Scott Kaplan <>
List: macbsd-general
Date: 04/16/1994 11:34:03
Okay, first, more information about my SCSI troubles.  When booting up, I get
a series of drives shown.  The first have a "targ 0" preceeding them, and
then the next number properly reflects the SCSI ID and then the drive found
on that SCSI ID.
The problem seems to be when it searches with "targ 2", where it runs from
1 to 9 with the second number, each time finding my drive at SCSI ID 2, which
is the drive I'm using for MacBSD.  Can anyone diagnose this problem?
Next, I picked up emacs.  Thanks to those (Rod Moorhead? Can't remember) who
compiled it for MacBSD and put up all of the necessary parts plus some clean
and simple installation instructions.  *Very* easy install.  Yet, it does
not work well, and I'm not sure why.
When I run emacs, everything looks good until I try to move around.  I can
use C-p and C-n to move up and down, and C-b to go backward.  But C-f acts
funny.  When the cursor is at the front of a line, it moves nowhere.  When
it is in the middle of a line, it goes *backwards*.  If, at the front of a
line, I press C-f five times, the cursor doesn't move, but if I go up a line
and down a line (or vice versa), emacs will place the cursor five charactes
in on that line.  Wierd, eh?
What's worse is, in moving around the screen, and while changing anything,
the updates are much less than perfect.  The text ends up getting all
jumbled within each line, making emacs mostly unusable.
It's the kind of behavior I noticed using kermit to connect to another UNIX
box through a 9600 connection...I thought it was just imperfect serial drivers.
But it seems like the entire screen management is going awry.  I've noticed
in using vi the screen redraws have trouble there too.
I don't know what's broken here, but is there any kind of temporary fix I
can use so I can actually put emacs to work?  Has anyone else had this
kind of problem?
Scott Kaplan