Subject: Re: SCSI problems
To: Scott Kaplan <>
From: Allen Briggs <>
List: macbsd-general
Date: 04/16/1994 14:37:43
> (What work would be required to fix this so all of the
> installed RAM could be used?  I'll do it!)

Some work in the kernel.  The memory on the IIci (and si and others) is
not contiguous (physically).  I'm not sure exactly what has to be done,
but if you can get a kernel built, then you'll be on your way to fixing
it ;-)

> At boot time, MacBSD finds my two drives on the SCSI
> chain, although one of them is not formatted for UNIX use at all...and then
> it proceeds to find the UNIX drive (which is hooked up at SCSI id 2) 7 more
> times.  It actually tries to find it, I think, at SCSI id 8 and 9, which makes
> no sense.

Actually, it's counting the disk once for each logical unit.  Is this
happening with the latest kernel that I uploaded (sometime in late
Jan.).  I think that that kernel should have worked on the IIci...
You're probably getting sd0-sd8 if you have two disks, one of which has
this problem...  The number after the 'sd' has little correlation with
the scsi id.  Basically so the ordering is reasonable--even with
multiple SCSI busses like you find in PC's and the Q800 or 8100 ;-)

> That brings me to another question.  Considering that the IIci kernel is a bit
> different than the others still, if I compile my own kernel, will it work?
> Or will it be missing those necessary changes that allow things to go on the
> Iici?

I think the IIci changes had been rolled into the main source by the
time I made ksrc.tar.gz...

> a nice feeling.



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