Subject: Re: Sorry to here that the VX is on the backburner.
To: Brian Kendig <>
From: Brian Kendig <>
List: macbsd-general
Date: 04/14/1994 20:45:32
> >Sorry to hear that the VX is no longer a priority.
> It's not that it's 'no longer a priority' for Brad and Allen -- It's
> just that they are rather unable to proceed, because they're having
> trouble unlocking the secret of the ADB chip.  I'm sure that if you were
> to solve that problem for them, they'd have the MacBSD working on the
> IIvx in no time.  ;)
	Just think, A/UX 3.0/3.01 does not work on the IIVX,
what do you expect from "free" UNIX ?