Subject: Root password
To: None <>
From: Dave Winters <>
List: macbsd-general
Date: 04/14/1994 22:26:12
Well, I have got the system up and running relatively smoothly.

Now my only problem is the root user... I edited the password file
using vipw, and now the user named "root" is no longer the superuser...
I managed to wrestle the system until I got my own password, but now
I cannot perform superuser functions. Can someone give me the full
database entry for the root user (ie name, uid, gid, gcos, etc...)
plus a decent method of changing the password for him? 

Once I get all that nailed down, I would like to bring the system 
onto the net so I can communicate with my other accounts.. has 
anyone gotten a SL/IP link to run using "cu" at 38,400 baud?
After a moment my system tells me it got a "hangup signal" and I get
disconnected. Are there any better methods of bringing up slip?
I can use ppp also, but am wrestling with a means of getting my
login script to perform.

Thanks, all, for your help. I realize these are pretty simple questions...
if someone can point me to a FAQ besides the one for the installation,
I would appreciate it. Has anyone considered making a newsgroup for 
this netbsd group? (My mailbox runneth over)