Subject: Re: PPP? (fix?)
To: None <>
From: Joseph G. Husk <>
List: macbsd-general
Date: 04/14/1994 12:32:24
> >Has anyone gotten PPP to work?
> Not as a PPP cleint or server.  I have gotten my NetBSD/Mac system to work
> as a SLIP server.
> The serial driver does not like the ioctl call TSETIOD that PPP uses.  You
> should get a error message that states something like that.
> Many (?) have configured the system as a SLIP client.  The directions are
> at the end of the FAQ.

   I didn't receive any error messages, just nothing ever happened and I 
knew that everyone had gotten SLIP to work.  However we're using Xyplex 
servers here and we turned off SLIP because it was causing problems with PPP.
   Thus my question would be, is anyone working on a fix for this or is
there not enough interest to get it working?


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