Subject: Re: Working on a VX, really????
To: Peter Siebold <>
From: Allen Briggs <>
List: macbsd-general
Date: 04/13/1994 22:21:11
> > Rumor has it Allen's working on " the pesky ADB chip that's keeping MacBSD 
> > from working on the IIvx "...
> I'm also down on my knees,  could anyone comment on the vx and internal 
> video support.

I wish I had better news...  I'm not working on that...  Brad is working
on a new adb system that might actually work on a few more machines--I
don't know if the IIvx will be one of those.  I am working on the Q700.
Currently trying to get a cross-compilation environment going.  I think
the internal video should carry over from the Quadra to at least some of
the other machines with internal video.

It will (realistically) be a while before the Q700 is running...

Basically, my plan of attack is:
	* Cross-compile environment (in progress)
	* '040 support
	* If necessary, some internal video.
	* NCR 53C96 driver (SCSI)
	* If necessary, ADB.
	* Ethernet


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