Subject: Initial problems
To: None <>
From: Dave Winters <>
List: macbsd-general
Date: 04/13/1994 01:49:07

	I have a IIci with a MacII video card (lucky for me!) and 
have attempted bringing MacBSD online. I downloaded the named tar.cpt
files and installed them, starting with dev.tar. I got severasl
"file not found" errors but the installation went on just fine
besides that. Finally, I discovered that the installation was lacking
the directory "netbsd." 
	Amazingly, the system <did> boot up on virtually the first
try, although several commands complain about the lack of the
netbsd directory, including ps. What I'm wondering, is where is the
installation file for the netbsd/ dir? I downloaded the files last
night (April 12) from the cray-ymp machine.
	Concerning the root password, which I saw several complaints
and questions about in some mailing list archives I found, well I
have the same problems. I am about to go try one fix that I found
right now.
	One last thing, does anyone know if both banks in the ci's
RAM will be utilized soon? I hate to have 4mb go unwasted in my case
but that's life.. I'm happy just to have a BSD partition at this point!