Subject: Re: Working on a VX, really????
To: None <>
From: Brian Kendig <>
List: macbsd-general
Date: 04/12/1994 18:22:50
On Apr 12,  3:04pm, Peter Siebold wrote:
>I'm also down on my knees,  could anyone comment on the vx and internal 
>video support.  Doesn't the VX have VRAM, and wouldn't that be 
>implemented differently than the ci/si internal video?  Any comments 
>would be welcome by the various VX owners.

Depends on what angle you're coming from.  Are you trying to fix MacBSD
to work on a IIvx, or are you just trying to get it to run?

I cheated with my IIvx -- I'm using a video card.  I haven't tried it
with the internal video yet, but every indication would indicate (!)
that it behaves just like IIci and IIsi internal video -- that is, it
ain't like a card, so MacBSD won't like it.

With a video card in my IIvx, MacBSD boots and comes all the way up to a
prompt.  It's a very pretty prompt, really.  I've stared at it for hours
on end, because the ADB chip in the IIvx is weird enough that MacBSD
won't work with it, so nothing you type is ever noticed by the ghost
inside the machine, so there's no way to actually do anything with
MacBSD on it.  ;)

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