Subject: Re: Working on a VX, really????
To: <>
From: Peter Siebold <>
List: macbsd-general
Date: 04/12/1994 15:04:53
On Tue, 12 Apr 1994, Latigo Beach. Nice point break, long workable rides. wrote:

> Rumor has it Allen's working on " the pesky ADB chip that's keeping MacBSD 
> from working on the IIvx "...   Really?  I just acquired a VX, grand plans 
> to update it to a 7100 down the road a mite (small mite) and would really 
> like to unload the SE-30, but still want to mess around with MacBSD.
> How agressively are you working on the VX support???   Pretty Please???
> Rick

I'm also down on my knees,  could anyone comment on the vx and internal 
video support.  Doesn't the VX have VRAM, and wouldn't that be 
implemented differently than the ci/si internal video?  Any comments 
would be welcome by the various VX owners.


Peter Siebold