Subject: emacs
To: None <>
From: Bharat S. Jhaveri <bjhaveri@Arco.COM>
List: macbsd-general
Date: 04/11/1994 09:52:09

I am trying to compile emacs (19.xx) on macbsd. I got the latest tar file
from I used ' m68k-hp-netbsd ' in the configuration. I had
to make one change to compile the source code all the way. extern
declaration for sys_errlist in the macbsd in /usr/include/stdio.h is
declared differently than in emacs subroutines under src, and lib-src,
where it is declared as a pointer, ie., extern *sys_errlist[].( In macbsd
it is without *, ie. extern const sys_errlist[]). This was giving me gcc
errors. So I commented out the emacs * declaration, after which gcc goes
all the way, but during linking, ld gives no reference to --DYNAMIC and
quits. Allen Briggs gave me some ideas about linking that I  am going to
try tonight.

Meanwhile, since you have compiled emacs before, could you please give me
some pointers,  details, how exactly you have used configure script or that
you made   changes to header files.

I did get binaries from, but so far they don't seem to
work. I start out OK., but as I do stuff, the screen gets mangled up. I
tried d7 as the TERM before I run emacs and even within emacs . But I got
the same problems. I even got all the binaries directly in mac through
macbsd, so chances of transfer  screwing up are small.

In any case, I will appreciate if you could help me get emacs compiled and
work. I have RS6000 at office and I love to use emacs on it. I have this
MacIIci at home and I am trying to use it as a learning tool (I am a chem
E. and not a computer guru).

Thanks in advance for your help. 
Bharat S. Jhaveri