Subject: MacBSD printing, etc.
To: None <>
From: David C. Doherty <>
List: macbsd-general
Date: 04/11/1994 09:39:06
Hi, I've just installed MacBSD on my SE/30, and first
I'd like to express my thanks to those doing this...

My question is how do I get lpr/lpd to print to
my NEC Silentwriter (postscript)?

I looked in etc/printcap, and found lp to be defined as
an Imagewriter.  There was also a definition of a Silentwriter
commented out.  I uncommented the Silentwriter def, and 
got rid of the Imagewriter lines.

[How did this Silentwriter def. get there? coincidence?]

My Silentwriter is connected by a localtalk connector.  There
is also a serial port on the printer.  Is the localtalk port
on the printer only expecting appletalk, or should the stuff
going out over /dev/ser1 be ok (assuming that it's postscript)?
Or perhaps I need to connect to the serial port on the printer
(is there a din-8 to db25 available)?

I hope that this question is posed somewhat intelligently, it's
monday a.m., and I haven't had any caffeine yet. 8^|

btw, I successfully built the following if anyone needs any hints:

kermit (from, just type "make bsd44" or 
"make bsd44c"  I don't currently have anywhere to slip to and this
is the next best thing that I'm aware of.

f2c, there were a few tricky things here, but if you're interested
I can supply details.

thanks for any help.  and thanks again for making this available!

David C. Doherty
Minnesota Supercomputer Center, Inc.