Subject: Re: uucp,POP and MacBSD
To: None <>
From: John D. Smerdon <>
List: macbsd-general
Date: 04/08/1994 19:36:25
At 02:31 AM 04/06/94 +0200, John Cargill-Ek wrote:
>Is there enbody out there sucessfully using MacBSD with UUCP and POP3?

I have setup popper, a POP3 server.  I am using Eudora to send and receive
mail.  A couple of minor changes have to be made to the Makefile and
several .c files.

Currently, I am having delivery problems with sendmail (I think).  For each
message sent, I get two error messages.  I will continue to work on this.

On another topic...

I havn't been able to get named to run.  It could be my config files.  When
named is started, any other network command (ping, telnet) hangs.  Has
anyone configured a working named?

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