Subject: Any plans for the Classic II?
To: NetBSD/Mac68k interest group <>
From: Juergen Nickelsen <>
List: macbsd-general
Date: 04/08/1994 02:34:00
Hello all,

although I am quite new to the Mac, I have several years of experience
with Unix. I bought the Mac Classic II some months ago, because the
Mac is a fun thing to tinker with, because I always wanted to know
what this Mac thing is, and because the Classic II was quite cheap.

When I discovered that there is a BSD for the Macintosh, I was quite
excited. A Unix(-like, for the legally impair^H^H^H^H^H^Hexperienced) OS
for the Mac -- nearly too good to be true.

On the (quite small!) 80 MB internal disk I made a 12 MB swap and a 40
MB root&usr partition for MacBSD. I installed all tar files from our
( mirror site. Since I haven't an FPU in my Mac
(yet), I installed the netbsd.nofpu kernel as /netbsd. (The installer
ran fine with SoftwareFPU, but not without.)

When I try to boot, the kernel is loaded properly -- at least it looks
like that. Then I get a dialog box with a message like "This has not
been tested on this machine\nTriple panic [etc.] Trying to boot
anyway" (approximately). When I click OK, the MacOS shuts down and the
machine hangs, apparently independent of the settings of several
parameters (grey bars or not, debugging mode, etc.).

Does MacBSD definitely not run on a Classic II? Do I need an FPU? Is
my Mac cursed? Do you need more information? Do I need another Mac?
(Please not! :-)

To be serious, I understand that the Classic II is not supported. Are
there any plans to support this cute little thing in the near future?
Unfortunately, I can't help with any porting efforts, since I don't
have another Mac running MacBSD to work on and I don't have *any*
knowledge of the internals of the Mac. (I also have only little
knowledge of Unix *internals*, but I consider that a minor obstacle
which can easily be worked out. The dragon book is not unknown to me.)

Any hope for me, folks?

Greetings, Juergen.