Subject: Re: FTP site,again
To: None <>
From: Jonathan D. Baumgartner <>
List: macbsd-general
Date: 04/07/1994 14:51:20
>I have 30-40Mbytes of free space on my IIsi, which I am willing to
>donate to MacBSD efforts if there is any need for it.  It's only a IIsi,
>but it's lightly loaded and shares a 10Mbit/sec link with ~6 other
>machines so it's not a bad site for ftp, I think. If anyone can use
>this, please let me know.  (especially for work on the IIsi port!)

I hope someone can; I'm dying for a IIsi port ..


Jonathan D. Baumgartner
Computing & Information Services
University of New Hampshire

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