Subject: Re: tar hangup and numerous fs errors
To: NetBSD/Mac68k interest group <>
From: Albert A. Martin <Al.Martin@Eng.Sun.COM>
List: macbsd-general
Date: 04/07/1994 10:42:02
> You should only proceed into multiuser mode if/when the root filesystem
> is clean.  In other words, if there are any errors in the fsck on /, do
> a reboot.

Is there any possibility of getting fsck abilities built into either
the installer or the booter?  The cycle of [boot MacOS - boot MacBSD
single - fsck - fsck - ... - reboot (to MacOS) - boot MacBSD multi] is
somewhat painful.  In particular, trying to install more files on a
corrupted file system (admittedly A Bad Idea) is properly caught by the
installer, but causes an additional cycle similar to the above.


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